pBuddies Collector's Set 2021 - Celebrating Real Heroes - Essential Workers

pBuddies Collector's Set 2021 - Celebrating Real Heroes - Essential Workers

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10% of all purchases go to Heads Together, a charity supporting mental health through the pandemic and beyond. 


We don't need to mention the dreaded "C-Word" to tell you that the last couple of years have been tough on everyone. However, we couldn't have got through it without the dedication of those who had to face the challenges head on, and had no option of working from home in their PJ's with netflix running in the background. 

During 2020 we saw a huge surge in sales of our Essential workers pBuddies. We were honoured to see them being gifted to friends and family who were working round the clock to keep our country running. We want to make sure their work is never forgotten, that they never get taken for granted again. 

While we continue to work on creating even more of our important, every day heroes, we want to offer you some of our most popular pBuddy Heroes in this 2021 Collector's set.

You will receive one Real Hero pBuddy from each of the following categories, totalling 7 pBuddies altogether. 

  1. Military
  2. Medical
  3. Prison or Police Force
  4. Funeral Director
  5. Retail or Teacher
  6. Refuse or Postal Worker
  7. Firefighter or Pilot

Share them with friends, decorate your bags, zippers, keys...or keep them proudly displayed. They choice is yours! We just want to see you celebrate these Real Heroes so that we never forget the hard work they do for us every day. 

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