Our Mission & Partnership Opportunities

"How To Raise £1000's For Your Charity
And Make People Smile"

Here at Hero pBuddies we have realised this isn't just a ParaCord keyring, its something to show a loved one you care and bring a little bit of joy to the recipient in these unprecedented times. 

We also realised it has the ability to do good things for deserving charities. BUT, after advertising costs we are not able to donate anywhere near as much as we would like. 

Our mission is to create more and more Real Hero pBuddies and in the process raise £10,000s for worthy charities all over the UK. 

Below is a vision of what could be achieved if we partner with charities in the right way and remove our biggest cost, advertising. 


It's easier to explain with an example....

A charity or charitable trust has the ability to email, message or promote pBuddies to their community for zero or little cost. 

With a special trackable website or code link its easy to see who has promoted pBuddies and what buyers came because of it. 

Because the charity was able to promote, and our advertising wasn't needed, we can go from donating 20p per pBuddy to £2-3 per pBuddy! 

Imagine an NHS charitable trust, all the staff being messaged and potentially the ability to leave promotional leaflets in reception areas for family, friends and visitors to pick up.

There are 1.5 million NHS staff UK wide. Thats 1.5 million family and friends too. 

And if we can make a pBuddy for each sector, the opportunity for raising amazing funds is very real.  

And this could be for any charity that we are able to make a pBuddy for. 

RNLI, Police, FireFighters, More Military charities. 

I know one thing, I would rather give to these charities than Facebook or Google in advertising costs. Wouldn't you? 


If you would like to discuss the opportunity and you have access to a community you can quickly and simply promote to, I would love to hear from you. 

Start your message with "Partner With pBuddies" on this contact form 

I cannot wait to talk to you. 

Jay Roberts

Hero pBuddies