About The Charities

For any charities we are supporting, a minimum of 20p per pBuddy goes to that charity. We will document the stats and broadcast each month what has been raised and provide proof of the charity receiving the funds. 

Why a minimum of 20p? 
We have variable costs in advertising, staffing and parts. So we know we can guarantee 20p per buddy. If we have more profit than expected, we will increase the donations. 

We only started supporting the 2 army charities after suggestions from army mums or wives at the end of September. We were selling the army pBuddies for 8 weeks before any mention of charity. This is NOT riding on the back of charities, its an additional gesture as requested by customers. 

The charity we are supporting is SSAFA, we have spoken with them and they are happy for us to support them. Our first donation from sales has been done (proof below) of £1,072. 


To clarify, we are not a charity.  We started key workers back in June with some NHS ones to try and raise some money for our local NHS. 

Then we were asked to do Police ones and again we have kept money aside for the police foundation. 


We are in the process of sending the donations for the NHS and Police and all proof of receipt and monies raised will be posted on this page as it happens. 


Thank you all for your support and feedback. 


Jay Roberts

Hero pBuddies.