The Riddler Keyring | The Riddler Keychain

The Riddler Keyring | The Riddler Keychain

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The Riddler

This is my second order from pbuddies - excellent service and quick delivery.
Products are amazing and make great little gifts. The Riddler is brilliant - love his hat!" - Mandy

Riddle me this?

How can a huge fan of The Riddler, turn down the chance to take home their very own The Riddler keychain paracord buddy?

The answer: YOU CAN'T!

If you or someone you know absolutely loves The Riddler, then The Riddler keyring pBuddy is the perfect gift for them this Christmas, birthday, or any day of the week.

Like all of our pBuddies, it's made from US 550 ParaCord, so it's as tough as The Riddler's riddles!

pBuddy dimensions (sizes may vary slightly)

Total height: 4 - 5 inches (10cm - 13cm)

Top loop height: 2 - 3 inches (5cm - 8cm)

Arm width: 2 inches (5cm)

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