Pumpkin Head Keyring | Pumpkin Head Keychain

Pumpkin Head Keyring | Pumpkin Head Keychain

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Pumpkin Head

"If your looking at this fella and wondering whether to buy it, do it. You won’t be disappointed. Great quality. It’s just how it looks in the picture" - Sharon

Pumpkin Head is one of our most popular zombie pBuddies and he'll make the perfect gift for anyone who wants a spooky gift for Halloween, or just a totally holiday inappropriate Christmas present.

Maybe it's that devillish smile that makes Pumpkin Head so popular. Maybe it's those dark, mysterious eyes. Maybe it's that literal pumpkin he has for a head. Whatever the reason, the Pumpkin Head keychain is the perfect paracord buddy accessory for your bag zipper pull or car keys.

Like every pBuddy, the Pumpkin Head keyring is made from US 550 ParaCord material and the head isn't a real pumpkin, so he's built strong enough to last for many years to come.


pBuddy dimensions (sizes may vary slightly)

Total height: 4 - 5 inches (10cm - 13cm)

Top loop height: 2 - 3 inches (5cm - 8cm)

Arm width: 2 inches (5cm)

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