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Darth Vader

"Perfect stocking filler. Actually got 2 of these - one for my husband and the other for my brother. Both very impressed!" - Rachel

Luke. I am your...pBuddy!

The greatest Villain to ever have lived has returned to take his rightful place on your bag, backpack or keychain.

The Darth Vader keychain paracord buddy is a perfect likeness to the iconic Sith lord and any Star Wars fan will absolutely love owning a Darth Vader keyring from the Star Wars keyring and Star Wars keychain collection.

Like all our pBuddies, Darth Vader is made from US 550 ParaCord material, which means he's strong enough to be around to the rule the Galaxy until the next trilogy comes around.


pBuddy dimensions (sizes may vary slightly)

Total height: 4 - 5 inches (10cm - 13cm)

Top loop height: 2 - 3 inches (5cm - 8cm)

Arm width: 2 inches (5cm)

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